Orb Seekers is based in the Central Valley California area

The members of Orb Seekers are sensitives and skeptics whose lives evolve around logic and clear thinking.
We investigate and research the paranormal for a few, precise reasons: We search for answers, knowledge and understanding of the worlds that exist beyond our daily reality, and, it is simply fun.
We see our role as multi-faceted: to learn, grow, seek real truth, and hopefully, experience something beyond the normal, to present our findings as clearly and unbiased as possible, considering both science and parapsychology.
It is of grave importance (pun intended) for us to remain open minded, level headed and identify real phenomena,
and to present an event, picture or evidence for what it is, not what we want it to be.
While we are not new to the world of the paranormal, we have just begun on our journey of documentation.
Our goal is not one of a dark website, but one that reflects the sincerity and professionalism behind our purpose.

Please read our views on paranormal issues and the dust debate here.

We are interested in:
Locating and investigating locations with real paranormal events 
Accurate, professional reporting and presentations, retaining confidentiality and privacy if required
Discovering and understanding the truth
We are not interested in:
Sensationalizing, imagined events or exaggerated reports 
Extensive travel without cost  reimbursement
Producing a spooky, black, glamorous or "cool" website
Our group:

Lady Anne Sensitive through touching and gettings for 50 years, graphics & web page designer

David Group skeptic rapidly losing that status, 30 years general contractor, husband

Jay Sensitive through dowsing and gettings, 6 years 911 dispatcher and EMT

Julie Sensitive through dowsing and gettings,  52 years in nursing

DL Paranormal enthusiast, 42 years evidence officer with observation & documentation training

Gary Group skeptic and paranormal enthusiast, husband & brother

If you have or know of a place with paranormal activity, are interested in information about the activities
please visit the Contact Us page.

We do this for our own purposes and fun
Don't charge us - We won't charge you
Donations cheerfully accepted

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