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The Paranormal

Heaven and/or another plane exists. Spirits exist. Ghosts exist. A great deal of unexplainable, spooky, odd, weird events happen.

There is far too much documentation and real occurrences for these events to not exist, for the paranormal, what ever that might include, to not exist. Too many events have happened since the beginning of civilization to deny its existence.

Spirits vs Ghosts

For some unknown reason, not all spirits "live" in Heaven. If God created angels and demons, and we humans can only become spirits, then what visits us on this plane?  Where do spirits wait until the day of resurrection?

If I see my father, here on earth, after his passing, and he can't be an angel or a demon, then I call him a spirit. He passed and came back for a moment or two.

Spirits are the soul of a person once "alive" who has "died" and left life as we know it.

If I meet someone who does not realize they have passed on, and am able to watch him do so, I call him a ghost. Why he stayed at all, I might never learn.

Ghosts are the souls of a person once "alive" who has "died" and left life as we know it, but not moved on to the next level.

Spirits can and do return to visit our reality.  Ghosts can be encouraged to move on to the next level.

An entity on earth generally is not harmful, although harmful, evil entities do exist. Are these demons? Evil spirits, evil ghosts?

This is simply a theory, but it seems to fit the best, so far. The jury is still out, and most likely will be until the day we become one of them, and hopefully, achieve full understanding.


We are trying this theory on for size. So far, we like it.

People seem to either have the ability (the hardware), the physiological, mental ability to be a sensitive, or not.

Sensitives have many diverse talents, from simple getting (knowing something very clearly and accurately without any logical explanation as to why) to the wild ability of telekinesis, and everything in between.

People who DO NOT have the hardware can have the beliefs and how-to knowledge (the software) to no avail.

People who DO have the hardware have to have the software, or learn it. They can live most their life without knowing they have the hardware. Software can be learned, developed, and finely tuned.


The great debate. Our pictures of "orbs" may, at some point, be proven to be dust. Even if this occurs, they are still orbs in shape, and possibly might be called dorbs henceforth. Until that day, I will be, for simplicity, calling all perfectly round objects appearing in pictures "orbs."

Orbs, not of dust, have energy of some sort, as they move. We do not know much else about them, but they DO exist.

After we spotted the first orbs on the camera review, I was thrilled.  Ecstatic. I have waited YEARS to capture an orb. I could barely sleep. The next day, on the computer, I was disappointed to see no additional orbs. David, standing next to me while I sat in my chair at the desk, looked at me like I had lost my mind, and said, "Stand up."  I was in for the surprise of my life as we stared at the picture.  We reviewed all the pictures again, standing up, and found twenty pictures with orbs, from one single orb to the seventy four in one picture.  Most of the pictures were taken in sequence, several burst shots of one object without moving. One picture would have nothing, the next would have an orb. Several sequenced shots told us, had we been running a video, we would have the orb in action.

Dust experiments created pictures of orbs that truly do appear to be dust, caused by my stirring or walking, out of focus particles close to my camera lens magnified and lit by my flash, simply dust. Then a brilliant green orb appears.

There are debates galore, on and off line, about orbs. We offer these logical thoughts:
 * The camera lens is spotless. The room is still, as it has been for an hour.  One orb appears across the room.
 * If the particles were on the lens, identical orbs would appear in the same spot for several pictures.
 * A video shows one orb moving through the room. Do you know of any room with ONE particle of dust?
 * A sequence of shots in a still area shows an orb, many orbs, and then nothing.
 * They move in a manner dust does not, against the winds.
 * If orbs were really dust particles, would not the appearance vary as the compound of "dust" varies?
 * If all orbs are truly dust, even snow, rain, water droplets, (in a house?) then certainly more pictures would contain orbs.
 * Cemetery orbs are scorned, yet would it not make sense this might be only one place where they congregate?
 * Dust particles do not vary in the size to this degree and within the range of a camera flash or focus, do the math.
 * Objects become smaller when farther away. Two small orbs in front of a one 15 times larger is contrary to that logic.
 * Rain appears in pictures with sharp tails. Orbs do not have sharp tails
 * Orbs simply are not everywhere. Dust (pollen, etc) is everywhere.
 * You CAN capture dust particles by taking an out of focus picture. Many teensy spots that appear ARE dust.
 * If we have been taking photos for over fifty years (digital for over twelve), and one of us is the local police department photographer, why were our first pictures of orbs behind and in a house with paranormal activity?
 * Why is it so difficult to believe in orbs when so many unexplained events, sights and occuranes fill our earthly reality?

The bottom line: No one can disprove orbs any more than we can prove orbs, so far.
From what we have seen and done, we choose to believe and pursue.
You have to decide for yourself.

We have done our utmost to prove and document that orbs exist, and will continue to strive for indisputable pictures.

Regardless of what photos we, and others, consider indisputable, someone will claim them false.

Perhaps debunkers are not as much in denial of the existence of orbs as much as they are trying to eliminate any paranormal quality or disqualify any paranormal interpretation of an orb, what ever it may be.  

But, what ARE orbs?

See pictures we are collecting for the Dust Debate
Orb photograph tips

Wands / Dowsing Rods

Wands, like orbs, are part of the ever debatable, non-absolute aspects of 'ghost hunting.' Wands have been used for centuries for the dowsing of water, indisputably accurate, especially in the hands of a true dowser.

The first time I watched someone use their wands, I was highly skeptical. When we encountered what appeared to be an entity, I asked to try the wands, and became an instant believer. I DID NOT move the wands, and they moved in response to questions, sometimes clearly, quickly, sometimes wavering between a yes and no answer.

I was taught that crossed wands meant yes, wands spread apart means no. Wavering wands are indecision or "I don't know." Wild wands mean interference or someone wants to play with us. I have come to realize they are a bit like anything requiring interpretation, open to translation, but heavily influenced by what the dowser is feeling, too.

Please don't judge wand conversations unless you have held wands in an active area for yourself. It's fairly incredible.

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