If you would like to take pictures and avoid capturing dust particles aka orbs aka dorbs, try the following:

Prepare your location and sit for at least several minutes, the longer, the better, and let the air settle before starting your shots.
If someone, something, anything moves, start your wait all over again before preceeding.

I cursed having a cigarette once for it ruined the validity of an incredible wisp shot, yet it served to show the air movement at that location and at that time.
It became standard practise to light a cigarette to demonstrate air movement, then extinquish the cigarette and carefully note the sequence of both activities.
A shot of a clearly squashed cigarette serves nicely for that documentation.

A step further would be to make sure there are no particles in front of your camera by creating rapid air flow for several feet, depth determined by your camera and settings.
A fan, or a friend fanning a piece of cardboard works nicely.
Any particles in the air and being swept past your lens in the current would have an entirely different appearance.

Document your movement. Since you generally do not have the ability to notate exactly what was happening at the time of one photograph, (unless you have someone documenting the wind was blowing during picture 4, etc) bring a notepad and a black marker. Scribble a note "Rain started" and take a picture of the notepad before you start taking pictures of the rain.

During a dust experiment, I would take pictures to indicate what was happening.
Take a picture, from your starting spot, of the place you will settle to take the photos.
Walk to that spot and settle in.
Take a picture of the ground to indicate you are now going to sit and wait for the air to settle.
Take additional pictures.
Take a picture of the starting spot to indicate you are leaving the area.  
If you keep your routine standard, there is less confusion later when analyzing your pictures.

Take as many pictures as possible. It is far better to have too many than regretting a lost shot.

Always take several rapid shots of the same thing. The change in content can be amazing.

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