Our first visit to the Queen Anne was in 1999, followed by at least one visit a year since. While we never obtained any pictures of orbs or spooks, there are a few spots in the hotel that speak loudly, including Mary Lake's room, the landing outside her door, a room, a couch seating area, as well as a tall wall mirror on the second floor, and the fifth floor attic.

I was fortunate to be allowed access to Mary's room and the attic in June of 2003, but in recent years, the staff has, unfortunately, changed enough to where behind-the-scene areas are not available.  

Mary's room is odd but comfy, a strong sense of a presence in the far left corner. Most reports are about being covered up in the middle of a cold night and the like. The landing outside her room, looking over the railing has an immense sadness permeating the area. The attic held a large collection of dark corners, old hotel property and whispers, but since we were not left alone, serious delving was not possible.

We plan on returning.

Ghost Tracker pictures of orbs and an anomaly forming on the stairs is located here.

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