We set about trying to photograph dust. Our back driveway is a myriad of dry dust, and vehicles, construction equipment, boats and dogs. There is no moon and the wind is almost still, cigarette smoke curls gently in the immediate area with a northerly breeze during the later hours.

Alas, as interesting as the experiment was, as it provided some great dust pictures, it simply raised more questions.

867 - 877:  Paper plates were placed five feet apart, their number designating how far they were from the camera. The fence is approximately 75 feet from the camera. A few pictures are taken before dark to establish the area without the dogs. The sunset is quite pretty.
878 - 906: We return after dark without the dogs, settle down and finally take pictures. 891 to 895 show orbs high in the pictures, but only in a few shots.

At 896, David starts walking past the plates, literally dragging his feet. The dogs are about, and the dust is abundant, but only in the first picture taken with the Panasonic. I am holding perfectly still, taking pictures sitting low to the ground, ten feet from the first plate. The first walk is complete with picture 906.

With the Sony, pictures of the area are taken, several orbs appear in the trailer area to our right (no dogs or any activity are taking place there) as well as a few odd orbs in the driveway. David takes another walk past the plates from 75 to 83, orbs vary a great deal but no dust appears as it had with the Panasonic. 76 has a large, solitary greenish dust?/orb.
Additional Panasonic shots to 974 show a variance of orbs, and then nothing at all. Dust?
975 - 1002: The dogs are in the house, the air is allowed to settle, and I return to the same spot in the back driveway. After waiting five minutes for any dust I may have stirred up  I start taking photos, one after the other. Now, there is a constant display, a wide variance of dust/orbs and their movement is easily tracked, yet only a few can be looked at seriously. If this is dust, I did not cause it.
Questions and Conclusions: (remember, draw up your own opinions)
The obvious dust (plentiful) looks very different than an unidentified solitary orb
Dust does not show up from twenty feet away.
Why didn't David's first return walk produce dust?
The angle of the lens and flash makes a huge difference
To play the pictures in a preview, one after the other, you can easily track movement
Object movement is going against the wind.
Orbs (objects that are not dust or pollen) do exist, the bright, light, coloured ones, BUT, what are they?

Orb Seekers

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Picture detail
867-877 Daylight pictures at 6:42
878-895 Pictures at twilight, no dogs present
880 Questionable orbs
883 Two low orbs visible with lightening
885 Two large light orbs at tree level
886 Pic of wood pile, one light orb in air
887 Trailer area, nothing
888 Driveway at dark, light on, nothing
889-890 Driveway, nothing
891 Driveway, dozens of small light orbs, sky level
892 Driveway, dozens of small light orbs, sky level, one on ground
893-894 Driveway, dozens of small light orbs, sky level
895 Driveway, one or two light orbs
896 David starts his shuffle past plates, massive dust and light orbs
897 David at 20 foot mark, no dust, two light orbs
898 David past plates, one light orb
899 Dogs push me over, three very light orbs at sky level
900 David at 35 foot plate, several large orbs, one rust
901 David at 30 foot plate, no orbs
902 David at 25 foot plate, no orbs
903 David at 15 foot plate, several small orbs
904 David at 10 foot plate, one large light orb
905 David at 5 foot, one orb at garbage can
906 David at 5 foot, one orb at garbage can gone
907-909 Several small orbs visible with lightening
910 Several orbs, one bright orb inbetween plates
911 A few orbs, one bright orb inbetween plates gone
912 Many orbs, a few small bright, dogs present
913 Many orbs, several large, dogs present
69 Wood pile, one light orb
70 Garden, several small bright orbs
71 Driveway, one small vague orb
72 Nothing
73 Several light orbs
74 One vague orb
75 David starts his shuffle, a few vague, high orbs
76 David at twenty foot mark, one large yellow orb
77 David past the 35 foot mark, several small light orbs
78 David near fence, small bright orb
79 David back at twenty foot mark, dogs present, many small orbs
80 David back at 15 foot mark, dogs present, a few small orbs
81 David back at camera, several light orbs
82 Walk is done, one octagon light orb
83 After the walk, many high small light orbs
914-917 Tree shots, marker for smoke
918 One large vague orb
919 Tree shot
920 Vague orbs
921 One light orb
922 One orb
923 A few orbs
924 Light orb
925 One orb
926 A few, one small bright orb
927 Nothing
928 One bright orb
929 One bright, one large light
930 Nothing
931 Several vague orbs
932 Several vague and light orbs
933-934 Several light orbs
935-936 Several light orbs
Bold = Highly Visible
937 Vague orbs
938 Nothing
939 Nothing, dogs standing about
940-941 One light orb
942 Smoke
943 One clear orb
944 Several light orbs
945 One light orb
946 Nothing
947 Nothing
948 Large vague orb
949 Several large, one bright orb moving
950 Several large, one bright orb moving
951 One bright orb moving towards me
952 Several large bright orbs
953 Several large bright orbs
954 Several light orbs
955 Several orbs
956 Marker, end of smoke
957 Several orbs, one light
958 Several orbs
959 Several vague orbs
960 Several orbs, one visible
961 Several orbs, one visible
962 Several orbs, one visible
963 Several orbs
964 Several orbs
965 Several orbs
966 Several orbs
967 Several orbs, one visible
968 Several orbs, one visible
969 Several orbs, one visible
970 Several orbs, two visible
971 Several orbs
972 Several orbs, two visible
973 Several orbs, one visible
974 Several orbs, two visible
Dogs are locked up out of area
975 Many light orbs, one visible
976 Many light orbs
977 Many light orbs, one visible
978 Many light orbs, one visible
979 Many light orbs, one large visible
980 Many light orbs, same one large visible moved
981 Many light orbs, one visible
982 Looking for a lost lighter
983-984 Many visible orbs
985 Many light orbs, one visible
986 Many light orbs, one visible
987 Many light orbs, same one visible
988 Many light orbs, visible one gone
989 Many light orbs, one large visible
990 Many light orbs
991 Many light orbs
992 Many light orbs, one visible
993 A few light orbs
994 Many light orbs, two visible
995 Vague orbs at best
996 A few light orbs, two visible
997 A few light orbs
998 Nothing
999 A few light orbs